Easy, quick and clean installation of carpet tiles

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TarkettTAPE changes the standard in carpet tile installation by offering maximum flexibility and adhesive qualities without using any glue on the subfloor.

Maximum flexibility

DESSO carpet tiles installed with TarkettTAPE can easily be removed. Because the tape sticks to the tile, and not to the floor, you can change your carpet tiles when needed or return them to us for recycling at the end of use. TarkettTAPE leaves no traces on the subfloor, the tiles all stick solidly, creating a 'floating' floor that stays in place as long as needed.

TarkettTAPE sticks straight from the roll, whereby installers find it quick, clean and easy to use. It has very low VOC-emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds)1, no odour, and no drying time. With these specifications, TarkettTAPE contributes perfectly to your sustainability goals.


  • No drying time, no downtime
  • Easy to install, easy to make changes when needed
  • Resistant to moisture and temperature
  • TarkettTAPE sticks to the tile, not the floor
  • Leaves no traces on the subfloor and no residue
  • Less waste


1 TarkettTAPE has been tested and determined to be in compliance with CRI's Green Label Plus Indoor Air Quality Testing Programme.



More information on TarkettTAPE: please click here for the brochure! 

How to install TarkettTAPE: to download the technical sheet please click here!

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