Carpet Take Back™ Programme

Millions of square metres of worn-out carpet are thrown away every year, often burned or dumped at landfill sites, leading to the destruction of valuable raw materials. In early 2008, Desso took revolutionary steps to ensure that carpets would be safely recycled by launching its Take Back™ programme.

Take back.jpg

Desso offers clients a Take Back
™  programme to ensure that products will be recycled according  to the Cradle to Cradle® principles. Products will be taken back by Desso after their useful life, and will be safely recycled into new carpet products, or used in other recycling initiatives. By sourcing positively defined raw materials, introducing new manufacturing methods and collecting  used carpets from clients, we are doing everything we can to achieve a closed loop process (from production to use and back again).

Besides our own products, we also encourage the international collection of all types of used carpet, except for those products containing PVC. Carpets are recycled using our innovative separation technique called Refinity®, which separates the yarn and other fibres from the backing.

This is the way in which businesses like ours can make the transition to the circular economy, where goods are made to be safely made again and again. We believe going circular is the most sustainable and innovative approach to business in the 21st  century. The 'take, make and dispose' linear economy is not sustainable, especially as we see millions of new consumers emerge in the rising markets in Asia, Latin America and elsewhere.

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