Desso&Ex collection

Taking inspiration from the world of art in muted weathered colours and multi-layered patterns, the Desso&Ex collection is about connecting people, areas and different interior design elements. It reflects the shared values between Desso and Odette Ex at Ex Interiors and their passion for creativity and high quality design.

Some photos of our Desso&Ex carpet collection

The collection offers 115 different designs in near endless combinations for a modern and layered scheme. Each combination of colour and patterns presents a unique ambiance - whether it is a calm and soothing backdrop in quiet areas, to a more vibrant and upbeat vibe in spaces where people meet. Echoing the same pattern from one room to another can also help bridge the space between disconnected areas, while colours can be used to indicate where one area ends and another begins. 

 Desso&Ex carpet in concrete: 

Desso&Ex carpet concrete


 Desso&Ex carpet in yellow:

Desso&Ex yellow


Desso&Ex carpet in green:

Desso&Ex green


Desso&Ex carpet in blue:

Desso&Ex blue


Desso&Ex carpet in grey:

Desso&Ex grey


Desso&Ex carpet in red:

Desso&Ex red

More info on our Desso&Ex carpet?

Do you want more information about our Desso&Ex carpet collection? Please contact us! 

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